Ursula and Our Conversations

Staged with Music

Ursula and Our Conversations, the nazi era

Our 2018 production was wildly successful, so by popular demand, we are coming back for 2019. The original cast will have additional actors and musicians.

*Due to the Pandemic, all production was put on hold. Stay tuned for updates: who, when, and where!

The Story

Ursula and Our Conversations traverses the rocky landscape of Ursula’s early certainty in the illusory Nazi propaganda machine at the age of 15 when Ursula joined the Hitler Youth. However, at the war’s end in 1945, having learned what her country had done, she realized her existence had been based on lies. For the rest of Ursula’s life, she experienced a paralyzing fear and deep shame. Her story exemplifies what happened to the people from the other side of WW II. It informs us of the dramatic life-long altering effects of the human cost of a totalitarian government. This can happen anywhere. 

Chaitania Hein is a performance artist, therapist, and teacher. She holds a Master’s degree in Psychology, with a concentration in propaganda and brainwashing and its effect on society and individuals. Her Bachelor’s degree is in Depth Psychology and Art as a Way to Heal. Chaitania, a remarkable artist, started her career in dance at age 14 in the New Orleans Opera Ballet Company, performed on Broadway, and ran her own Theater Companies: Dance Impulse and Shakespeare for Children. She was on the Dance faculty of Cornish College of the Arts and became Academic Dean and faculty member at WuHsing Tao School, teaching psychology. As a therapist, she finds enormous satisfaction in helping people find their way. Chaitania Hein is an inspiration to her students, clients, and audiences.

On May 5, 2018, at the Taproot’s Isaac Studio Theatre, Ursula and Our Conversations, The Nazi Era was first produced as a staged reading adapted from a screenplay.

Author/Director’s Reflections-

I started this process as a young woman curious about my husband’s family history.  Ursula and I had been in conversation for over twenty years, and at a certain point, Ursula asked me to tell her story to the world. My task seemed such a responsibility with the challenge to be sensitive to everyone affected by this horrific time in history.

One last thought pertains to the cast. These actors are not only talented but were drawn to the work due to their humanitarian natures. What an honor to know them and have them on this journey with me.

The Core Actors from the May 5, 2018 productions reflections- 

Jeanne Snyder
Characters: Narrator, Radio Announcers, Woman from Breslau, Farmer’s Wife, A Woman, Child Hans, Therapist, Death Camp Ghost, Protester

Jeanne Snyder – Jeanne is a recently retired Marriage & Family Therapist. “Conversations with Ursula” is an exciting, engaging project to be participating in. Though a novice to acting, my work as a therapist has prepared me well to interpret emotions on many levels. I so appreciate the more experienced, talented cast who have supported my learning to help create this powerful production.

Chaitania Hein
Characters: Constance, German Lover, Hilde, Protester, Lawyer

Chaitania Hein – I have enjoyed the process of producing a staged reading immensely. I look forward to working with this cast on future productions.    

Marjon McDermott
Character: Ursula

Marjon McDermott – The experience of inhabiting a character brainwashed to believe her participation in the Nazi regime was merely patriotic and exemplary citizenry was mind-altering… The distortion of truth and the subsequent mindset have always been part of humanity. However, to examine one’s beliefs, acknowledge grave errors, and seek not forgiveness but an understanding of how those beliefs could even take hold takes enormous courage.  I hope to be a better watchdog of my own deeply held convictions going forward.

Characters: Ursula 

Carla Ginnis
Characters: Charlotte, Uta, Landlady, Russian Commander, Russian Soldiers, Uniformed Nazi Woman, Frau Nessler, Nazi Youth, Teacher Rosenfeld, Caretaker, Judge, British Reunification Official, Farmer Husband, Protester

Carla Ginnis –I am the semi-official researcher for this effort & also have a love for and experience as a script writer/adapter & actor in enhanced Readers’ Theatre, the theatrical medium of Ursula’s and Our Conversations.  

As both a librarian and serious history buff, I was immediately drawn both to Ursula as a multi-faceted individual and focusing on an accurate representation of her time in history, specifically German history.  So, when Chaitania started several years ago, requesting me to dig into the whats, where’s, and whys of the situations Ursula found herself in, I jumped in eagerly. I’ve always been interested in the effects of the attitudinal, social, political, and cultural changes that developed between 1885-1960 across Europe and America -and, as a post-World War II American Jew, I’ve tried to keep a broader perspective about European-Jewish relations.  Even though, due to the Nazis, I no longer have any family in Europe. 

Iman Hein
Characters: Karl, Burt, German Officers
and Soldiers,
Russian Authority
Officer, Nazi Leader, German Teacher
Goebbels, Dr. Hoffman, Protester

Iman Hein – As a regular member of Chaitania’s productions, it has been a great experience to be part of another one of her pieces. This is the first historical piece we have done, which is, as an actor, both a learning experience and an opportunity to reference my love of history, especially the WWII era, along with my German ancestry. I have enjoyed working with this cast, and I look forward to doing more work with them.

Dirk Hein
Characters: Dieter, Otto, Shopkeeper, Protester

Dirk Hein – Recounting the details of my mother’s life as I witnessed Chaitania write this piece over the years and now produce it as a staged reading evoked for me intense feelings and emotions, ranging from anxiety and avoidance to inspiration to being on a mission to influence current events.

However, bringing awareness of the impact of betrayal through propaganda (fake news) and the subsequent lifelong suffering from collective guilt and shame (what my mother always called her “bad nerves”) and the struggle to overcome such indoctrination, i.e., “brainwashing,” at a time when its danger is becoming imminent again, motivated me to be part of bringing her story alive on stage.

Karina Choe
Characters: Rachel, Renate, The Whore, Protester,
Death Camp Ghost

Karina Choe – I am sincerely grateful to be involved in this phenomenal production. The journey to work with our talented and devoted cast has brought fulfillment and peace to my musical soul. I congratulate each of you for sharing your artistry in acting. And a big thank you to the audience for your love and support.

Here are a few comments and feedback from the production:

A survey was given to the audience to fill out after the performance, asking them to please put their reflection, experience, and what they want to see more of or not: 

* “Didn’t expect a staged reading to be so smooth, like a dance with words and music.” 

* “I wanted to know even more about Ursula’s story.”

* “I never thought about the stories of the women from the other side.” 

* “I couldn’t stay for the reception because I couldn’t stop crying.” 

* “I’m so glad I came. It was amazing.” 

* “My family had to escape my home country of Germany as a Jew. Now, I’m fearful I may need to flee my second home country of America from this regime in power.’ 

* “I’ve been to many play readings in New York, but this was something else.” 

* “The story is so compelling.” 

Check out our 9 Awards!

If you’re interested in the screenplay that won the awards below, check out the Book version on amazon:

Ursula and Our Conversations, the nazi era

December 8th, 2019

Breaking News!
We have been chosen for another Screenwriting competition!
The GRACE International Film Festival in Berlin has awarded Ursula and Our Conversations an Official Selection!

OFFICIAL SELECTION - GRACE International Film Festival - Berlin  2019.jpg

Again, Thank You for all your support. We couldn’t have gotten here without it.
Happy Holidays!

September 21st, 2019

Ursula and Our Conversations The Nazi Era has just won again! This time, in the New Your Screenplay Contest.

OFFICIAL SELECTION - New York Screenplay Contest Award Winner - 2019.jpg

Ursula and Our Conversations is 1 of only 10 screenplays in the category of Biographical/Historical to win this award.
This recognition is another step towards those future doors and getting Ursula’s story to a wider audience. 

Thanks, Everyone for you all your support. Keep on going!

September 4th, 2019

Exciting News! 

Ursula and Our Conversations, The Nazi Era reached the Second Round of the 2019 Austin Film Festival. Less than 20% of the works submitted are given this Stamp of Approval:


This recognition from an acclaimed film festival is the first step in opening future doors and getting Ursala’s story to a broader audience. In this thread, the author is being inspired to finish Ursula’s story in book form and to produce Ursula’s play.