Our mind is like a storybook of images and characters.  What they mean, what feelings they evoke, and how we can use them as guides in our life’s journey, is my quest for every client/student.

Traveling Your Spiritual Journey Through:

Five Element Intuitive Life Reading- 
Bloom into your essential self. Identify blockages that are thwarting creativity and forward movement. Peel away the veils that impede understanding of your soul essence. Trained in the work of Carl Jung at the Jung Institute in Switzerland, a Masters in Psychology, a Ph.D from Universal Life Church in Spiritual Guidance, extensive studies in Sufism for the Western Life, as well as a lifetime of other analytical and intuitive studies, I will guide you to a clarity of focus, opening the dialogue between your conscious and unconscious mind and linking to your spiritual life force. This session is two hours. 

Dream Analysis-
“I had the strangest dream last night….wonder what that meant.”  Who hasn’t chanted that mantra!  The dream world is an essential aspect of our human being-ness that is dismissed as a result of an ill-chosen late-night snack.  As a Jungian practitioner, I will assist you in evoking an abundant dream life.  Bring to this private, one-hour session, a recent, old, or recurring dream for clarification of the symbols.  Your subconscious is knocking.  Find out what it wants.

The Shadow-
Everyone has one and denying this strange bedfellow will not make it go away.  Sweet talk will not make it our friend as if we would want such a friend. Any effort to morph it into goodness is futile. So what does this dark aspect residing in our psyche want from us?

This workshop will shed light on this Shadow conundrum. You will learn to understand the reason for its existence and how it can be integrated into a fuller expression of self through management, not denial. Surprisingly, a clear understanding of the Shadow serves in myriad ways:

To discover your passion versus obsession
To tap the creativity that is your life force
To clarify your personal story and let it come forth
To embrace and transform negativity in your life

In essence….to live a balanced, happy, healthy…..and holy life.
The journey involves allowing for creating environments that engage the whole person as a learner in the process of Self Realization. And to bring the individual to a point that they can demonstrate a life in the pursuit of excellence.

Metaphorically speaking, through our work together, I will guide you to turn  “metal”…..your traumas…… into gold, your adversities to prosperity and ultimately teaching you to become your alchemist.

Another way to view this transformational guidance is to perceive yourself as a beautiful garden. The process of making a garden is also like making a life. That is to say, today’s yard waste can be transformed and become tomorrow’s rich compost, creating an environment for a beautiful garden, you, to grow in.

Sessions can be in Person, by Phone or Skype / Sessions are 50min. or 75min.  
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