5-E Psychology

A Spiritual Journey

The principles of Five Element Psychology and Philosophy is a spiritual system developed to guide you to a deeper understanding of your inner nature and gain more control of your Energetic Life Force. By working in this way, you can feel and experience your own Energetic Life Force more fully.  A system derived from a five-thousand-year-old system of Chinese Medicine and Taoist Philosophy that used the Five Elements to describe the energetic differences between people. We call it an Energetic Typology. Five Element system offers a continuous exploration in which Self -Realization can take place.

Within the Five Elements are the Five Emotions.  By learning to grasp the powers of the Five Emotions and their nuances, you can become aware of your inner energy/spiritual nature, see its results and find out how to specifically direct this energy outward; this energy that is always being expressed through your personality. Knowing your energetic characteristics and where you find in this energetic Typology is a very satisfying part of Self-Realization.

Why Five Element Typology for a Better Life-  To understand your typology and provide insight and to show you a clearer picture of yourself. From this, you can have the opportunity to change what you can, find patience and forgiveness for what you cannot change, and finally find the truth about what can be celebrated.

To support Five Element Psychology and its Spiritual Philosophy, I also incorporate the principles of Jungian analysis, as well as visual and auditory guidance through Spiritual Self-Hypnosis, in combination with many years of life experience.

The kind of work we will do together to expand your Spiritual Awareness: 

The Individuation Process- A process of working with your ego to arrive at a Spiritual Self- Realization;

Spiritual Self Hypnosis-  Taking you through visual and auditory guidance, and active meditation that accesses the unconscious as well as can even assist you to your past-life experiences;

Dream Analysis-  Learning what your unconscious (Your Dream Keeper) is saying to you;

Shadow Realization-  Learning how to work with your Shadow Self;

Conscious & Unconscious Spiritual Self-  Understanding the Relationship;

Archetypal Images-  Learning to direct your archetypal energy in your personality; 

Family Placement- Knowing the influence of your placement in the family. 


For inquiries, please email Chaitania or call  206-853-5981.