My work is about achieving more-                  Joy, Consciousness, Safety, & Feelings of Freedom in Our Daily Lives!

How is this Accomplished?  Since we are continuously In Relationship with ourselves, others, and our environment, and longing for Balance in Relationships, then with this in mind, I want to call these constant energy forces, The Art of Communication. I’m always conscious that the Body/Mind/Spirit craves Balance, and when achieved, life is more fulfilling, stresses abate, and passions ignite.

 I use the word Art to describe my work because a successful Relationship encompasses an artful endeavor, plus artists, too, are always in Relationship and seeking Balance with their work. For these successes, there must be dedication, the discipline to complete, as well as the other skills learned during sessions that must be applied artfully. Then, as experiences are gathered, there’s an improvement that brings about a certain level of consciousness; and in addition, while simultaneously and consistently, there is a caring that deepens with practice.

The dancer in me sees a carefully choreographed dance, expressing understanding, forgiveness, and compassion that culminates into the ultimate satisfaction- intimacy, that trust and honest so very much needed for Relationships or as I call it, Art of Communication to succeed. To be in this pursuit, that’s what I’m interested in sharing. How to engage in The Art of CommunicationExpanding Self Realization for more Joy, Consciousness, Safety, and Feelings of Freedom.

What Methods are Used? In Private Practice and my Studio work, while engaging in conversation, I use Hypnotherapy, Five Elements & its Typology, Guided Meditations, Feng Shui, and at times, Music, Movement, and Theater Exercises to accomplish the goals outlined in earlier sessions.

Writer- As a writer to achieve more Joy, Consciousness, Safety, and Feelings of Freedom in Our Daily Lives, I use storytelling. I began non-verbally as a dancer, then as an improvisational oral storyteller of my stories. But when I studied Shakespeare at R.A.D.A and poetry in college, I learned how to write for the page. Currently, I’m captivated with the screenplay I wrote, Ursula and Our Conversations, The Nazi Era. To test its appeal, I adapted Ursula and Our Conversations as a Staged Reading, performed Spring, 2018, to acclaim. Upon that susses, I adapted Ursula’s story for the stage as a full play.  Since then, the screenplay has won 5 awards. Now, with Ursula and Our Conversations, I’m working on its book that allows for more details and reflections on our conversations, but also how her story helped me unravel my life story.

 Performing Artist- All aspects of the process I like: rehearsing, its discipline, the group dynamics and collaboration, and the needed dedication. Then, my favorite part is when everything comes together, and more times than not, like magic, it creates a transformation for the audience, even possibly lasting changes in some audience members. Plus, there is its beauty and grace that can dazzle an audience, and yes, with some art pieces as in relationships, there can be horror and pain, yet lessons learned, hopefully. For me, both Art and Being in Relationship inspires too, now that energizes me!

Feng Shui Designs & Sessions- I want to think that I take after my mother in these ways; she could make anything with her hands. To honor my mother, I have taken up sewing. My excitement for sewing is in the colors, and the mixing of colors, plus the feel of the textures of natural fabrics, plus the mixing of different textures, that mesmerize me as I’m sewing. And like other disciples that I engage in- I’m always thrilled when starting a project with nothing but the basic idea (fabrics in this case), then making it into something beautiful, graceful that can inspire- Wow! That’s fun! (Feng Shui, the literal translation is Wind-Water, and as its definition- energy forces to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment. Or the new-age way of saying Wind-Water is- The Art of Placement.)

Thanks for visiting my website!                                Enjoy, browse the different tabs, and hopefully, you can find something special for yourself.

Breaking News!

Ursula and Our Conversations The Nazi Era has just won again! This time, in the New Your Screenplay Contest.
OFFICIAL SELECTION - New York Screenplay Contest Award Winner - 2019.jpg
Ursula and Our Conversations is 1 of only 10 screenplays in the category of Biographical/Historical to win this award.
This recognition is another step towards those future doors and getting Ursula’s story to a wider audience.

Thanks, Everyone for you all your support. Keep on going!
Exciting News! 
Ursula and Our Conversations, The Nazi Era reached the Second Round of the 2019 Austin Film Festival. Less than 20% of the works submitted are given this Stamp of Approval:

 This recognition from an acclaimed film festival is the first step in opening future doors, and getting Ursala’s story to a wider audience. In this thread, the author is being inspired to finish Ursula’s story in book-form and to produce Ursula’s play.

Also in the works is a memoir about growing up in the South, as a Caucasian girl growing up in segregation.  “A Southern Woman’s Myth”.