My work is about achieving more Joy, Consciousness, Safety, and Feelings of Freedom
in Our Daily Lives!

How is this achieved?                    

By learning and understanding who our Archetypal Energies are, to work in precise and deliberate ways, and how to tailor and direct these energies.

Because we are always Being in Relationship with ourselves, others, the environment, and a longing for Balance in Relationships, I want to give this energy force a title called, The Art of Communication.

I use the word art since, in art, the Artist is also in a relationship with their work and seeks balance. However, there are steps to be taken for this achievement. First, like the Artist, we must build skills and have inspiration, dedication, and discipline to push forward when it’s difficult. Then, with consistent practice, we gather experiences while developing the capacity for profound compassion. Finally, with the attainment of a Balanced Body/Mind/Spirit, we have the ability for fulfillment, stresses abated, and passion ignited. Thus, putting us on a solid path of Self-Realization, as clarity is presented and culminates into its ultimate satisfaction- Intimacy, for the engagement in The Art of Communication for more Joy, Consciousness, Safety, and Feelings of Freedom.

However, this is not an easy process; a one-time fix or chaos and disharmony avoided are highly unlikely; this is the rub for authenticity. Too often, we want comfort before the work is done or don’t want to feel uncomfortable, “Let’s just let it ride and employ more patience.” Though patience is a must, it’s to know when to wait and when to take action.

In my Private Practice and Studio work, the methods used are as we engage in Conversation, Hypnotherapy, Five-Element Psychology and its Typology, Guided Meditation, and at times, engaging with Music, Dance Movements, or Theater Exercises.


Who am I and what do I do?

Performing Artist-
I like the process of rehearsing, its discipline, its dedication, and its creative nature as if magic has been involved. But of course, hard work is deeply its foundation. Like in my private practice, I enjoy being in tandem with others, group dynamics, and the collaboration process that can transform an audience, possibly even lasting changes in one’s life, or beauty and grace, and inspires people.

As a writer and storyteller, I began non-verbally as a dancer, then as an improvisational oral storyteller of my stories. But when I studied Shakespeare at R.A.D.A, and poetry in college, I learned how to write for the page.

My screenplay, Ursula and Our Conversations, The Nazi Era, has won several awards. But initially, upon completion, to test the depth of its appeal, I adapted Ursula and Our Conversations Screenplay into a Staged Reading and was performed in Spring 2018 to an acclaimed audience. Though being considered for production, this has not been accomplished as of yet. Most recently, I’m adapting the story’s screenplay for its book and full-length three-act play, Ursula And Our Conversations. Also, I’m working on a memoir about growing up in the South as a Caucasian girl during segregation. “A Southern Woman’s Myth.” 

Feng Shui Designs ( The Art of Placement)-

 I suppose I take after my mother; she could make anything with her hands. So, to honor my mother, I have taken up sewing and upholstering and their placement by mixing colors, textures, and fabrics to mesmerize the senses as if each is filled with love, harmony, beauty, and designed to inspire its owner! (Feng Shui’s literal translation is wind-water, and its definition- energy forces to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment or its new-age saying- The Art of Placement.

I have performed on Broadway, Off-Broadway in New York, Summer Stock across the country, received a Young Artist’s Grant, won several awards, and was a member of The N.O. Opera Ballet Co. Ballet Jovita, The Nancy Staub Playhouse, and have produced, directed, and performed in my Company productions: Dance Impulse, Breadline Players, Connumdrum Players, and Shakespeare for Children.

I’ve chosen flowers from The Rose species for my website because they seem to be in the same spirit as  Art and ourselves. Roses are unique in color and aroma, have independent natures, can thrive in many environments, and succeed on their own or in a cluster. I find the Rose speaking to me, saying,
“Come join me in this well-choreographed Dance of Balance in The Art of Communication.

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Ursula and Our Conversations The Nazi-Era has won again!
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