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Ursula and Our Conversations The Nazi Era has just won again! This time, in the New Your Screenplay Contest.
OFFICIAL SELECTION - New York Screenplay Contest Award Winner - 2019.jpg
Ursula and Our Conversations is 1 of only 10 screenplays in the category of Biographical/Historical to win this award.
This recognition is another step towards those future doors and getting Ursula’s story to a wider audience.

Thanks, Everyone for you all your support. Keep on going!

Exciting News! 

Ursula and Our Conversations, The Nazi Era reached the Second Round of the 2019 Austin Film Festival. Less than 20% of the works submitted are given this Stamp of Approval:

 This recognition from an acclaimed film festival is the first step in opening future doors, and getting Ursala’s story to a wider audience. In this thread, the author is being inspired to finish Ursula’s story in book-form and to produce Ursula’s play.

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My wish is to bring more joy and consciousness into daily life, and with feelings of freedom.

As a symbol of my work, I chose the rose, which represents “being in a Relationship.” I say this because my husband’s and mother’s faviorte flower andWe are all constantly in relationships with ourselves, with others, and with our environment. To accomplish harmony in relationships, then we must engage in the art of communication. I use the word art in the sense that communication has to be worked and refined, just as the making of a fine piece of art takes time and care. It’s as if we’re in a carefully choreographed dance that becomes a beautiful form of personal expression. Through the art of communication, we can attain harmony and balance, thus culminating in a relationship with intimacy; the ultimate satisfaction in all relationships, because with intimacy, there is honesty and trust. To be in the pursuit of harmony, balance, abundance, and intimacy, this is what I am interested in and what my work is about, and want to share my knowledge with you to attain harmony, balance, abundance, and intimacy.

I am committed to assisting you on your path for a more expanded realization of Self.


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The Body, mind, spirit craves balance. When this is achieved, life is more fulfilling. Stress is abated. Passion is ignited.

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Having performed on Broadway and Off-Broadway shows in New York as well as producing my own company’s shows, my lifelong dedication has been to move through life with beauty and grace. To Live In The Pursuit of Excellence! Yes, that energizes me.


I began writing stories through movement as a dancer, then as an oral storyteller, and now, using the written word to write poetry, plays,  and the completion of a screenplay, Ursula and Our Conversations, The Nazi Era which was adapted as a Staged Reading last Spring, 2018 to an overwhelming success.  Presently the book about Ursula and Our Conversations is in progress.

The story, Ursula and Our Conversations, traverses the rocky landscape of Ursula’s early certainty in the illusory Nazi propaganda machine at the age of 15 when Ursula joined the Hitler Youth. However, at war’s end in 1945, having learned what her country had done, she realized her existence had based on lies. For the rest of Ursula’s life, she experienced a paralyzing fear and deep shame.

Also in the works is a memoir about growing up in the South, as a Caucasian girl growing up in segregation.  “A Southern Woman’s Myth”. 

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